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Work Until Your Idols becomes your Rivals.

What We Do!

We as a channel understands our responsibility to our beloved audience.

We Motivate.

We are completely against hypocrisy and we motivate our audience to understand the double standards of our society by making such projects.

We Speak.

We believe in speaking truth. Motivation of our projects is to pick sensitive topics that people doesn’t like to talk about and tell the truth behind such issues.

We Write.

We not only make videos , we also have a blog and in our blog we are blunt and it’s adventurous for our readers to read something blunt and true.

Youtube Channel!

The Most Entertaining And Exciting Youtube channel that gives you mind blowing projects and entertaining subjects.

Our Blog!

A blog with blunt writing and sensitive subjects. If you’re a reader and looking for something that states the facts and hypocrisy of our society , our blog is the place you search for!