All About Us!!

Our story!

The Beginning Of reel world is quite interesting. we want our audience to connect with us on every level so we are going to tell you all about it!

Mr. Neerajh Dhingraa (Proprietor)

founder of reel world is mr. neerajh Dhingraa. he started reel world in the end of 2015. when he started reel world it was just another youtube channel and he did not had any resources, team or anything else that’s needed to start a good youtube channel. all he had was a concept and believe in himself and reel world. so he started working on his own on his concepts , he even faced a lot of problems like we all do and hence, that’s the story of the beginning of our youtube channel reel world. Mr. Neerajh Dhingraa is into film and tv industry and have worked for several productions like dKP , balaji etc and currently he is working in fremantle media as head of the production.

Managing Director!

Vanshika Gupta (Managing Director)

Our Work!

Our Team Have Worked On Several Good Projects. our motivation behind making any video is to connect with the audience on emotional level. we try to tickle the emotions of our audience through our videos. we make projects on different subjects. You can check all our projects on our youtube channel or either in section of projects in this website. We are also working on something new and it's going to be amazing so stay tuned.